Cinnamon moon 🌙
Updated: 11/23/2020
Cinnamon moon 🌙

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm Ailis and recently there has been a huge fire, my house and family burned down in it.
  • Me and my brother Quinn live in a boarding house run by Ms.Franny, we hate it here and Ms. Franny is very mean.
  • She makes ma do extra chores and makes me cook for the other kids. I don't get as much food, and I have an awful place to sleep.
  • She also yells at me all the time...
  • I got a job at a clothing boutique and quinn played is fiddle on the sidewalk because we needed to make money and get out of the borading home
  • Our young friend had gone missing, and we did everything to look for her, they found her by telling the police and the owner of the boarding house.
  • The owner of the boarding house fired Ms. ranny after he found out wht happened, he sold the are our farm and house was on and gave us a good meal and bath. He also told us he that we could stay with him in his home