Cast Of Amontillado
Updated: 11/11/2020
Cast Of Amontillado

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Hey its you montresorI have not seen you in a while
  • Narrative hook
  • have another drink why dont you!
  • Rising action
  • why? think we should keep going
  • you should probably go home...
  • the montresor was exited to bump into Fortunato, a man that so called knew everything and was a alcoholic with a well family and good job "i was pleased to see him" says the Montresor
  • climax
  • Montrsor trips Fortunato into his plan he thought, and started by getting him drunk? intoxicated
  • falling action
  • someone please help me
  • they both move on to explore and the Montresor leads on to act sorry for Fortunato because of his allergy while he was weak due to his conditions of the catacombs, and he takes advantage of him.
  • resolution
  • Montresor takes advantage of fortunato and makes him get on his knees locked up in a room he leaves and does this so he dies many stories underground
  • he listens to him scream and cry while he has an evil smile he his happy because he knows that knows that no one will be able to hear him all the way down there and he finished his plan
  • Montresor gets away with killing him
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