Physical Science
Updated: 4/20/2020
Physical Science
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  • Hi, I'm Potassium. I am a metal and I have 1 valance electrons. My oxidation # is 1
  • I am her identical twin sister.
  • Hi, I'm Oxygen and I am a non metal. I have 6 valance electron. My oxidation # is -2.
  • I am low melting. When I burn I have a lilac colored flame and I am soft enough to be easily cut.
  • I am a poor conductor of heat and electricity. I am colorless and odorless and lastly I am denser than air.
  • Okay that sounds good to us
  • They are going to take one valance electron from each of you and give them both to me. 
  • The lead surgeon was not able to be here to explain the operation so I am going to explain the surgery. 
  • Hello, I am your lead surgeon. Sorry I could not explain the surgery to you. 
  • We will be done in no time.
  • Now that the surgery is done your ratio will be 2:1
  • Now that we are an ionic compound because of surgery, our new name is Potassium Oxide!
  • We are a pale yellow solid, our melting point is 740 degrees Celsius and we are odorless.
  • How we write the compound is K2O. We never have to buy deodorant again! 
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