Earths layers
Updated: 2/20/2021
Earths layers

Storyboard Text

  • I am right now standing on the crust which is the top layer of earths layers. The crust is about 0-100 km deep
  • The asthenosphere is a few thousand KMs under the crust. The asthenosphere is the 2nd layer of earths layers
  • I am now right on top of the outer core.The outer core is 2,890 KMs deep.This is the 3rd layer. Wow it really is starting to get hot!!!
  • i am now in the outer core and i can see some lava but not that much. did you know that the outer core is liquid. I am 3,200 KMs underground.
  • I am now right in the middle of the outer core and it sure is getting hard to dig. I am now 3900 KMs underground.
  • I cant dig with my shovel I guess I got to call the big guns.