Climate change
Updated: 2/23/2021
Climate change

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  • We are here in the North Pole, Alaska to be exact. Alaska is known for the cold winters and short summers because they have an artic climate.
  • Behind me we have different global climates from around the world, tropical wet, tropical dry, and oceanic
  • Scientist use different methods to measure past climates.
  • scientist are able to calculate how modern amounts of carbon dioxide and methane compare to those of the past.
  • That means global warming and cooling occur naturally as Earth rotates.
  • Milankovitch cycles are the cyclical movement of the earths orbit around the sun
  • psssp, you see all the smoke that the eruption of that volcano caused? thats all ash and gases
  • That ash and gas can cause global cooling! They spread all throughout the atmosphere and prevent sun to reach Earth
  • This isnt exactly an ocean but ocean currents! ocean currents are a big factor to Earths global climate.
  • Ever gone to the beach but it was windy? thats because the currents bring that wind!
  • Warm ocean currents bring warm air masses to wherever they flow, which leads to warm and moist weather. Cold ocean currents carry cold and dry air, which brings cool and dry weather.