Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Yes! there are also other natural sources of co2 such as decomposing, vegetation, plants, soil, and the ocean
  • Humans breath in oxygen and breath out _______
  • co2!
  • Though there are plenty of natural sources of co2, humans have been digging underground for fossil fuels
  • this factory runs off of fossil fuels, humans use combustion and use the fossil fuels to run factories and cars.
  • did you know that the of carbon dioxide affects the global temperature , analysis has proved that as CO2 increased so did the temperature, the moved together.
  • greenhouses contain gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide , and methane.
  • here is a greenhouse, a greenhouse traps heat inside in order to keep the air warmer inside than the outside.
  • greenhouses are cool huh? trapping heat inside and all? yeah but it isnt cool when Earth is acting like one.
  • scientist have started to notice that the Earth has been acting like a greenhouse, and the atmosphere is the cloud of gases trapping heat, making earth warmer and hotter
  • so is global warming a threat to Earth? yes, this place cant survive in warm temperature because our glaciers will melt. Dry ecosystems will get even drier. Warmer climate can also cause more rain and snow in places where thats not normal which can lead to an increase of sea level.