The French Revolution
Updated: 12/1/2020
The French Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • First, you have the 1st Estate (Clergy). They didn't have to pay taxes or work. They would be paid either way. Next, you had the 2nd Estate (Nobility). They would raise taxes and didn't have to pay them. They also had exclusive rights to carry weapons, hunt, and demand work. Then, you have the 3rd Estate (Workers, farmers, etc.). They had no rights. If they argued they would be put in jail.
  • The 3rd Estate were starving because of the lack of money. Oh yeah, France was broke. Which meant the workers couldn't eat. So, they basically protested, threatening guards of Versailles. Instead, they were trampled by policemen on horses.
  • Soon people were turning their back on each other and killing left and right. There was no one you could trust. Until Napoleon Bonaparte led the ongoing war with Europe. He then declared his dictatorship of France.
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