aliens retaliation
Updated: 7/24/2020
aliens retaliation
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  • you can't defeat us
  • oh lord pls save us
  • finally we attacked earth. hahahah
  • we'll see
  • think alex think
  • hmm.. what should i do to save humans
  • sir james and chef john will distract them when we make the medicine
  • so i studied aliens and i got to know that they can't handle garlic so i decided to make a poisonous medicine in which dr. sam will help me
  • ok so because you are free use a rock and set us free
  • sounds great
  • i agree
  • ok
  • Scene 1: aliens attacked planet earth and killed most of the humans.
  • ok so lets start now take out all the medicines and things you have
  • ok... herei have a giant pill with all poisons
  • Scene 2: The humans that survived are locked in a human cell and are thinking what should they do
  • the aliens dint know what the humans are up to
  • i hope we proceed in this plan
  • Scene 3: Alex who is a scientist came up with an idea and tells everyone his idea, all of them agree
  • well done gentelmen
  • mhmm
  • finally we are free
  • Scene 4: All of them started doing the assigned jobs Alex and Dr. Sam made the medicine while the rest of them were responsible to make sure that the aliens don't see them.
  • Scene 5: they finally made the medicine and the chef added it to their food.
  • Scene 6: the aliens ate the food and died and the humans were set free
  • i thought i would never see the world again
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