romeo and juliet
Updated: 5/8/2020
romeo and juliet

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  • Author: William Shakespeare
  • 'Mercutio, the capulets are here wandering around ,lets leave before they come and fight us ."
  • "You sound like a hot-tempered guy."
  • Romeo & Juliet (Act 3 scene 1)
  • "Oh no the Capulets came."
  • "Who do you think we are a musicians in a band?This is my fiddlestick. I'll use it to make you dance."
  • "Hello gentlemen, do you happen to know where Romeo is?
  • Reem Mansour 9D
  • "Good King of Cats, I want to take one of your nine lives."
  • "Tybalt lets put this aside. Im no villain . I will never do harm to you
  • "Well, here comes Romeo my villain, the man im looking for
  • Mercutio and Benvolio (Montagues) were arguing about who is more hot-tempered .Tybalt and the capulets arrived expecting a conforntation from the Montagues.
  • Tybalt asked the Montagues if they knew where Romeo is, but Mercutio wasnt answering and was being disrespectful. Mercutio withdraw his sword, so did Tybalt.
  • "Romeo you should leave, the citizens are coming and if the Prince see you, you'll get killed."
  • Romeo enters and tries to stop the brawl, but it was no benifit , so he took out his sword.
  • "Romeo is banished from Verona!"
  • "Tybalt is my Nephew, and I want justice.Romeo must be killed."
  • Tybalt and Mercutio started fighting , Romeo had an opening for Tybalt , Tybalt had the chance and stabbed Mercutio, and Mercutio died.
  • When the Capulets left, Tybalt came and Romeo slashed Tybalt and he breathed his last breath.Romeo escaped and the citizens assembled.
  • "Oh, what an awful luck!"
  • The Prince , The Montagues, and The Capulets showed and Benvolio told them what happened. But Lady Capulet wants justice but the Lord Montague said that Romeo fought by Mercutio's side . The prince banned Romeo from Verona.
  • "But Romeo is Mercutio's friend , he fought with him."