Updated: 11/22/2019

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  • Hi I'm Kathy. I'm a carer. Which means I take care of people who donate their organs. But I wasn't always a carer. I grew up in a place called Hailsham.
  • Hailsham was a school where I was raised.The school didn't teach normal life skills but we learned a lot about art, ourselves, and our mortality.
  • Back then I had two really close friends named Ruth and Tommy. The two of them were "a thing." Ruth is a really headstrong kind of girl who never shows any weakness. And Tommy- well he's a more rational person who never really speaks up too much.
  • After Graduating from Hailsham the three of us got sent to the cottages where we have a lot more freedoms, but also a lot more to learn about the world.
  • Now the three of us are on a trip to go and find Ruth's possible. Which is essentially the person she is a copy of and meant to donate her organs too one day...
  • And on this trip I'm kind of realizing Ruth isn't as good of a person as I once thought