Paleolithic vs. Neolithic - comics (Food)

Updated: 9/23/2021
Paleolithic vs. Neolithic - comics (Food)

Storyboard Text

  • Food Paleolithic
  • The food will come.
  • They WILL come...
  • (sighed) They have to come by now...
  • Who IS that men?? What is he doing here?
  • Food Neolithic
  • Do you wanna trade a chicken that lays 5 eggs a day with some big chunk of meat? I will also give some eggs that today.
  • Ok! Good deal!
  • Why the foods were important
  • In Paleolithic, it was hard to find foods as so as the animals to hunt. Sometimes, people just spend their day without any foods they hunted. All the people did was to wait and wait until some animals come on their own.
  • Housing Paleolithic
  • Hey son! Build some tent while I am going for hunt!
  • In Neolithic period, people traded foods and/or animals and shared foods if people are in need.
  • Housing Neolithic
  • Hm... about 2 to 3 houses... I think... and pretty sure one small expendable farm in 1 month. Ah, also mid. sized expendable animal houses in 1 month and a half but it depends on the animal's kind.
  • Food was important because people needs to survive, but if they don't have any foods, they can't.
  • Why housing was important
  • Only a few things left to do!
  • It was not so easy to make a perfect house in Paleolithic period.
  • A tent.. hm...
  • How could people couldn't think of my simple dimple clothing tent!
  • Ta-da!! Simple dimple tent completed! I am just TOO genius!
  • In Neolithic period, people built houses very well and very fast. Also, people mostly built big villages and lived together and gather a lot.
  • Hey uncle Carlos, how many houses did we build in month in total?
  • Housing was important, because people in Paleolithic period, it was hard to build houses and took a long time to build. Also, since they were living separately, it was double hard. However, in Neolithic people developed building strong and bigger houses which was so easier.