Unknown Story
Updated: 11/25/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Wait, I am not on the boat yet! Don’t leave. Mom come back with the boat. You forgot me!
  • Rodrick's parents forgot about him and head back to their hotel for lunch.
  • Wait. Where is Rodrick? Did you see him on the boat?
  • No . I didn’t see him on the boat. He must still be in the water.
  • Hurry! Let’s go get him!
  • Meanwhile
  • Help! Someone please come and help me! I am drowning!
  • We are coming Rodrick!
  • Help!
  • Look! There he is.
  • After an hour of looking, they finally found Rodrick swimming for his life in the ocean.
  • I'm coming. The waves are very strong.
  • Here! Grab on to this!
  • I'm sorry that we left you here.
  • It's fine. Thanks for coming to get me!