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Outsiders Storyboard
Updated: 10/12/2019
Outsiders Storyboard
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  • Cherry?
  • Dairy Queen
  • We have got a spy working for us. The girl I tried to pick up at the movie. That Girl Cherry.
  • Hey..Pony... I think we should turn ourselves in.
  • Dairy Queen
  • No! You dont what jail can do to u!
  • Dont worry Kids!
  • Help! Were Stuck!
  • Oh No! The Church!
  • The guys arrived at the Dairy Queen and start asking all these questions about whats happening back at home. When they happen to find out they have a spy, and they spy happened to be Cherry.
  • Don't worry kiddo. Everythings going to be fine.
  • Johnny is worried and dosent want to be in anymore trouble than he is so he has the thought of turning himself in back at home. But Dally dosent want Johnny to go and get changed by jail.
  • Darry? Soda
  • Hey Pony...
  • PONY!
  • On the way back from Dairy Queen, The guys Hastily run to the church when they notice the church that Pony and Johnny were staying at was crowded by a school and was on fire.
  • Pony! Where were you we were scared straight.
  • The guys had got injured by the fire but Johnny was the one that had the most burns and the painful experience. Pony is concerned about Johnny and hopes he is okay.
  • Out of the blue, both Darry and Soda show up to see Pony and Dally waiting in the waiting room. You can clearly see that Darry is still upset for what he did to Pony.
  • Darry was worried and concerned about Pony. Although he didnt say it in the correct wording, we all know what Darry meant to say.
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