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Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • the Spanish Reconquista #1
  • turn back or face the consequences
  • take my land
  • The Spanish inquisition #1
  • are you a jew?
  • yes i'm a jew.
  • Spanish exploration #1
  • it's been 1 and a half months now and yet we have seen nothing yet so sad
  • in 711 a.d Muslim moors crossed the straight of Gibraltar into Spain and conquered the majority of the Iberian peninsula .
  • Spanish reconquista #2
  • after the end of the Spanish reconquista, king Ferdinand and queen Isabella established the Spanish inquisition. it was created to make every one roman catholic .
  • The Spanish Inquisition #2
  • Spain started to look for another way to reach Asia other then the silk road. this was when Christopher Columbus was looking for a sponsor to reach Asia by sailing west to find east
  • Spanish exploration #2
  • because of their combined strength. the Muslim moors did not stand any chance against the 2 kingdoms.
  • with our victory your army will resign
  • many Muslims and Jews were killed during this time . many of the non-catholic were given a choice . to either be catholic or leave or be tortued .
  • then leave this country or face the consequences of heresy!
  • fine! let me pack my stuff !
  • more then 2 moths later . Christopher Columbus found land witch he thought to be Asia but actually it was the Americas
  • this looks like Asia to me.
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