Unknown Story
Updated: 2/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • This is my Empire. What I say goes. I have authority over our government and religion. The Pope is trying to take way my power over the church!
  • What’s wrong, darling husband?
  • Who does he think he is? The pope doesn’t live in our Empire, so he has no authority over out churches or our people.
  • But he’s the head of all Christians, of at least he claims to be. This power struggle between Byzantine emperors and popes has been going on for too long. Something must be done one and for all!
  • Why are you still affiliated with Rome in any way. Honey, why don’t you defy the pope once and for all? We don’t need him, and our people respect the patriarch far more than the pope.
  • The pope didn’t like it very much euro you appointed me as head of all Byzantine churches. Maybe that’s why he’s being so adamant about southern Italy.
  • You’re absolutely right, dear. Let’s write the pope a letter stating our position. He can’t have southern Italy, and that’s final!
  • *The emperor and the patriarch write the letter*