Updated: 1/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Creative
  • Thank you!
  • Wow I love the banner you made, you are so creative!
  • Technology
  • Here I will help you
  • That you, you work great with technology!
  • Invention
  • Thank you for helping me inventor john. With this new invention
  • Your welcome!
  • This scene shows someone who is creative, which means "The ability or power to produce original thoughts or ideas based on reasoning and judgment."
  • Innovation
  • I am innovating my painting. My hobby is an innovator
  • Hey son, What are you doing?
  • The scenes shows that there is a teacher who is having trouble with her technology and a boy comes and help her. "The practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area such as engineering or medical technology."
  • Yes! It worked, I am the most smartest Scientist in the World! Science Rules.
  • A boy inventing a floating desk, with the help of the inventor. Inventor "The person who first comes up with a brand new idea or thing. ", Invention is "A new product or system that has never existed before."
  • I have achieved my dream as an engineer working on this project.
  • A boy trying to innovate his painting. Innovation means "The process of modifying an existing product or system to improve it." Innovator means "A person who introduces new and improved methods, ideas, or products. Innovators document their design solutions with great detail to ensure that it is manufactured to address the problem it was designed to solve."
  • A Scientist has finally invented a mind reading device and he is happy that he is the smarted in the world! Science means "The study of the natural world through observation, identification, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanations."
  • An engineer working on his dream project and job. Engineer means "The profession involved in the development of processes, products, and systems that benefit humankind."