The Buddha's path to enlightenment
Updated: 2/18/2020
The Buddha's path to enlightenment

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  • Your son will be a king, or a religious leader.
  • My son will be a king!
  • My new silk clothes just arrived!
  • Why haven't I seen this before!?
  • Siddartha Guatama was born the prince of a kingdom in Nepal. Siddartha's father guided him to be a king after a fortuneteller told him abou this to paths. He would grow up to be a king, or a religious leader.
  • I will not eat any food a person hands me.
  • Siddartha was raised in luxury, and wealth. As he grew up his father protected him from everything that was sad in the world. Such as the poor, diseases, old age, and the hungry.
  • I now have the answers to my questions, I am enlightened.
  • Siddhartha went out with his chariot driver this let him see something his father protected him from. A man with a cane, person shrunken by disease, a man who had died, and the suffering. He said all of happiness died in him
  • ... And that is how I was enlightened.
  • Siddhartha searched for truth as he went through hunger, no shelter, and limited water. Gurus had taught him the cycle of life while he was an ascetic.
  • Siddhartha realized that he was not on the right path so he became healthy again. Then he found a fig tree and meditated for 49 days. At this point he had felt that he had been enlightened, and entered a new life free of desire and suffering.
  • Buddha went back to teach people about what he has discovered. He taught about birth, death, and rebirth. He explained there main questions and gave them an answer. This was the creation of Buddhism.