The Story of Zeus and Cronus - Greek Mythology
Updated: 11/4/2020
The Story of Zeus and Cronus - Greek Mythology

Storyboard Text

  • First, Rhea gave "Zeus" of to Cronus but little did Cronus know that Rhea had switched Zeus with a stone to take his place.
  • Once Cronus had been fooled she took Zeus to an island named Crete and was raised by a nymph called Cynosura.
  • Later on, as Zeus grew up he had found out that his siblings had been eaten/ imprisoned. He had a plan to trick Cronus. Zeus gave Cronus a drug called Emetic. That made Cronus throw-up everything he had devoured. Including, his siblings and the stone.
  • During the war, Hades had use the helm of darkness to thieve all of Cronus's weapons while Poseidon charged at him with a trident. That cause a distraction which permitted Zeus to attack Cronus with lightning that had taken Cronus down.
  • When the Titans were defeated that had been imprisoned in the underworld called Tartarus.
  • Zeus and his siblings were victorious. They became the next ruler of gods.