ECE140A Storyboard
Updated: 2/23/2021
ECE140A Storyboard

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  • we are COVID test vulnearable community!!
  • Status Quo
  • Meidcal Team:We have shoartage of personal protective equipments!
  • Not enough resources to get tested, notified of infection
  • Inciting Incident
  • sensor attached test strip onto mask
  • How do we deal with this covid-test vulnerable community?
  • Complicating Event
  • Can this product be a potential tool when future other outbreaks appears?
  • And even with precautions efforts before vaccination underway, this convenience surveillance approach could be deployed in parts of the world where vaccines are not yet available or distribution is still limited.
  • Need Help!
  • The existing condition of social issue: COVID-19 Pandemics
  • Secondary Complicating Event
  • Some product needed to resolve this lack of resources provided to the vulnerable community such as patients at group homes, prisons, dialysis clinics and homeless shelters.
  • Climax(Solution to the problem)
  • Development of color changing test strips that can be used to detect SARS-CoV-2 in human breath or saliva .
  • One possible counterpart: After the invention of the new prototype of tiny sensor attached onto the mask, can this be a potential tool when future other pandemics outbreak all over the nations?
  • An Outcome
  • Immediacy of ideas: Applicable, inexpensive, and reliable kind of masks to everyone on a planetImmediacy of objects: Unlike vaccination rates all over the nations, this can be quite simply & quickly supplied and adopted to all people Careful Design:To relatively vulnerable or the countries that have insufficient infra system to cope with pandemics, the attachable tiny sensor will allow them to easily be informed what functionalities they might actually needDirection of conversation against Covid19:Before and Upon the completion of this product, we have to listen closely to our objective groups
  • Public Duty Easy Accessibility Provide a plausible soultion
  • limited source and over-supply of masks will result in environmental pollution
  • Another possible counterpart: We all under the circumstances that the lack of supply of masks all over the world. Can this be solved by the invention of reusable mask with protein test strips ?
  • Is this invented N95 mask is re-usable and its safety has been guaranteed?
  • What can be other solutions?- Vaccination rates are the most crucial parts in terms of termination of wide-spread pandemics so like united way worldwide chest of internationals, cooperate together to cope with pandemics more wisely and rapidly.
  • simple, inexpensive, and reliable surveillance for COVID-19 infections that can be performed on a daily basis
  • People in High-risk facilities will be able to monitor new infections earlier and more often to reduce their spread
  • It aims to provide simple, inexpensive, and reliable surveillance for COVID-19 infections that can be performed on a daily basis and can be easily implemented in small-resource environments during the lack of test capacity among society.