Broken Blade by Svea King hour 6
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken Blade by Svea King hour 6

Storyboard Text

  • I will miss you!goodbye school!goodbye Celeste!goodbye sisters!but I will miss you most of all Dad!
  • i love you
  • i'll miss you guys!
  • My hands and arms are sore and bleeding. I miss school. WHY DID I NOT THINK THIS THROUGH!!!!
  • It is like watching myself as a young voyaguer! Pierre is just like me, LaLonde.
  • I will get you unstuck, if it is the last thing i do!!!!!
  • Pierre's father has chopped his thumb!Who will get the money?Pierre will!!!HE IS A VOYAGUER
  • Why did Lake Superior have to get this angry!?
  • Beloit is so mean! But I bet Pierre is proud that he is a real voyagur now that he passed St. Annes.
  • hi Pierre.
  • Hey there, Kennewah!How are you?
  • Why did I EVER doubt this AMAZING place and AMAZING people!?!?!?
  • Oh no! The boat is stuck on a rock in the rapids! LaLonde pushes the boat off the rock, but he slips and goes under. Pierre is mortified. There went all his mental support.
  • PIERRE!!!! PIERRE!!!Home again at last!You are all grown up!
  • I am home, Dad!
  • * barking noises *
  • After going through a nice calm Lake Huron, it is a big surprise when Lake Superior throws a temper tantrum. ( Except for Charbonneau, who saw it coming.)
  • has anyone noticed that i am stuck
  • Pierre and all the other voyaguers have finally made it to Grand Portage! And I think that SOMEBODY (Kennewah) Has a CRUSH on PIERRE!!!
  • After many days of hopeful waiting to get home, Pierre finally makes it back home. I think that he should go to school for one more year, then go on a voyage with the hivernants. Maybe he can get his dad to come too...