Relative Clauses and Conditionals

Updated: 7/28/2020
Relative Clauses and Conditionals

Storyboard Text

  • i wish i wasn't and be able to have a house so as not to spend this winter
  • If I won the lottery, I would buy my dream house.
  • who are you?
  • I am an employee of the lottery company and I was commissioned to distribute these cards to earn a million dollars
  • days after
  • would you like to win the lottery?
  • oooh it's a lot of money, I would no longer be poor and live well
  • if i do i will be very rich
  • be the first to accept one and earn a fortune
  • i have to listen and scratch the paper, if they say my numbers, I will win
  • oh my god I'm rich
  • I have to go right now .... Los Rosales neighborhood
  • minutes later
  • and the numbers are ... 3,6,8,2,0
  • thanks i am the happiest man in the worldd
  • 2 hours later
  • Congratulations first and only winner of the lottery