Unknown Story
Updated: 2/8/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • What was that noise? and why is the power out!
  • I don't know what that was.
  • My video game turned off
  • My car stopped working?
  • HEY, what gives the football game turned off
  • There was a loud BOOM and then all the power went out.
  • okay be careful
  • Pete van horn said he would go to the other side of town to see if the power was out there.
  • I can go check at the other town if they have power
  • Steve is acting suspicious. Is he a alien!!
  • I read this in a book once aliens came from outer space to invade the people.
  • Tommy said he read a book about whats happening and they start accusing each other.
  • Tommy knows so much about the aliens he must be the ALIEN!!
  • It can´t be my son 
  • Steve is accusing Tommy of being the alien because Tommy knows so much about aliens.
  • ITS NOT ME!!!
  • It's the ALIEN he's COMING!!!
  • Pete Van Horn comes back but gets shot because Charlie thought he was a monster and killed him.
  • whats that shadow??
  • I´ll get him!!!
  • you shot pete , HES DEAD
  • OWW!!! I see the light!
  • Off into the distance Aliens are watching the people destroy each other.
  • Beep bop boooooooop! bahapaboah