Jason and the Argonauts
Updated: 2/13/2020
Jason and the Argonauts

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  • Isle of Lemnos
  • Doliones Part 1
  • Doliones Part 2
  • Jason and the Argonauts landed on the Island of Lemnos where all men had been slain. The women were cursed to smell bad. The Argonauts were treated well and ended up staying a year.
  • Phineas and the Harpies
  • The Argonauts then sailed to the island of the Mount of Bears where the hospitable King Cyzicus of the Doliones filled their ship’s stores. The next morning, while King Cyzicus showed Jason a safe passage through the seas, they were attacked by six-armed monsters. Fortunately, Heracles met them with a bow and defeated them.
  • Crashing Rocks
  • After leaving the Diolones, they are unknowingly sent back in the night. The Diolones attack the Argonauts thinking they're enemies. In the morning, both sides host a funeral for those killed.
  • Colchis
  • Next, the Argonauts met Phineas who was a seer cursed by Zeus to be blind and plagued by harpies. Descendents of the Wind lured the harpies in and then chased them off. Phineas then told Jason how to make it past his next trials.
  • Soon they reached a narrow and winding strait guarded by the Symplegades, the clashing rocks. Jason released a dove to fly between the towering cliffs. While the rocks recoiled, the Argonauts, combining their mighty strength once again, bent their oars like bows as they pulled forward.
  • Jason's ultimate task was to retrieve the Golden Fleece. He had to defeat a fire-breathing bull, skeleton warriors, and a dragon with the help of Medea. Jason is then able to claim the Golden Fleece.