Quest Project
Updated: 10/23/2020
Quest Project

Storyboard Text

  • Super Scientist guy! Look out!
  • Fear not pretty lady. My toxic liquid will cause it to explode.
  • I, Super Scientist Guy, will save the world and because of my knowledge-
  • M: Shutting Down!
  • No! Super Scientist Guy! WHYYYYYY?!
  • You killed our hero! AHHHHH!
  • Hello. This is the description of my artistry. In the first cell, Diane is yelling at our superhero to watch out for the evil microwave. Our first physical change is the oven boiling water on it's stove and then getting ready to pour it on our superhero. The next, our other physical change, is our superhero getting melted by boiling water . The scene is using a lifelike mannequin made of wax that can talk and causing it to melt in that pile of mush. The acid is really just bright green boiling water with sugar in it to thicken it a little.
  • The next change is our first chemical change. The oven burns Diane and turns her into ashes. Diane is also a talking dummy made of cloth like material so it is really easy to burn her. Our last change, the other chemical change is when the appliances roast marshmallows in victory for defeating the human race.
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