The cask of amontilado

Updated: 11/6/2020
The cask of amontilado

Storyboard Text

  • The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had Borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult i vowed revenge.
  • "come let us go then.
  • My dear Fortunato, you are luckily met. How remarkably well you are looking today. But I have recieved a pipe of what passes for amontilado and I have my doubts.
  • A cough will not kill me let's go.
  • *cough*
  • The nitre, your cold we should go back
  • Monstresor seeks revenge on Fortunato
  • I drink, to the buried that repose around us.
  • And I to your long life.
  • Monstresor baits Fortunato into his catacombs with amontillado
  • *Silence*
  • Fortunato!
  • The nitre effect Fortunato but insits on continuing to the amontillado
  • For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them. In pace requiescat!
  • Monstresor gets Fortunato to drink so he stays drunk
  • Monstresor calls for frotunato
  • Monstresor walks away from catacombs after killing Fortunato