Computer Security concepts
Updated: 12/13/2020
Computer Security concepts

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  • Hacking!
  • The Internet - Twitter, facebook, Instagram.....
  • Hi Aleena, I feel like something is wrong with the emails I am receiving from my best friend. They don't seem like she is writing them. Do you think someone is interpreting them?
  • Yes, someone might be interpreting the emails. Let me tell you about the 4 principles of Computer Security!
  • There are 4 principles of Computer Security - Message Integrity, Data Confidentiality, Authentication and Non Repudiation. Let us take an example of two friends Lucas and Mark. They are sending emails to each other as they do not live in the same country. But a hacker finds that Mark's Computer isn't secure. So the hacker modifies the message sent from Lucas and makes Mark think that Lucas doesn't want to be friends with him anymore. Mark thinks that the message is from Lucas but it is actually modified by the hacker. So when someone modifies the data without both the parties knowing then it means that the data integrity has been altered. For this we need to use software's which let us certify and use signatures.
  • Next is Data Confidentiality. We always need to keep our data safe. Poor Lisa wanted to give her best friend a video of them together as a friendships day gift but she forgets the USB that contains the video on a park bench and it ends up with some stranger who now has access to the video since there is no password to secure the data. We always have to secure our devices with passwords so no-one can tresspass.
  • USB
  • The last 2 principles are Authentication and Non Repudiation. These can go hand in hand.
  • I sent you the money yesterday!
  • But I did not receive it! Why did you not verify?
  • You all should also keep these 4 principles in mind next time you are on the internet ;)
  • Thank you for the information, Aleena. I will keep these security concepts in minds whenever I am doing something on the Internet!
  • You are most welcome, Wendy! These concepts will keep you safe on the internet and you will be able to do everything and still keep your data safe :)
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