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Updated: 2/20/2019
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  • The Spanish reconquista
  • the Spanish inquisition 
  • the desire of exploration
  • in the reconquista Spain was originally ruled by Christians.After a Muslim group from northern Africa called the moors.came over to Spain and took over for 700 years.Because they won their war.after the 700 years the Christians came back to take back to what was once theirs.
  • in the Spanish inquisition Queen Isabella. Believed the world would a "better" place if EVERYONE believed in the same/same religion. Which was to them Christianity. If the none Christians did not convert they had to leave Spain. But if the none Christians stayed behind the queens back they would get tortured or killed.
  • the desire of exploration was about finding a new trade route to Asia. they exploring took about over a month to find the way there. It took a while for him to find Asia.
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