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Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • Perseus: Mentor
  • We heard you needed help
  • Oh Great God and Goddess please give me blessing
  • Lion King: Mentor
  • Hanuka Matata! It means no worries
  • Mentor Connection
  • While Perseus is on his way to Medusa, Hermes and Athena stop by and help him. They guide him the whole way to get there and give him helpful items
  • Perseus: Approach
  • Here are some helpful items for your battle
  • After Simba runs away from his home he encounters Timone and Pumba. They teach him the Phrase: Hakuna Matata and help him survive by eating bugs.
  • Lion King: Approach
  • Bugs are good. Eat them
  • Both Simba and Perseus are found and helped by 2 characters. They are given lots of guidence and items/ideas to help them.
  • Approach Connection
  • Before Perseus gets to Medusa's home, Athena and Hermes prepare him. They give him an invisibility cap, an infinite wallet, a reflective shield, winged sandals and an unbreakable sword.
  • Simba's old friend Nala tells him what Scar has done. He works up the courage to leave and confront him in a battle. While approaching Scar, Simba and his friend race to him and fight of hyenas.
  • Lets go take back the Pride Lands!
  • Both Simba and Perseus prepare for their Supreme Ordeal by getting their friends together to help them. Their friends help them with the battle.
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