The Odyssey-Book XVII
Updated: 5/12/2020
The Odyssey-Book XVII
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This storyboard represents the book; Stranger at the Gates.

Storyboard Text

  • Telemachus decided to return home after his long journey.
  • I am secretly Odysseus
  • He told his swineherd to bring this stranger to town.
  • Stranger at the Gates
  • “I’m off to town, old friend, to present myself to mother."
  • "Sweet light of my eyes! I never thought I’d see you again,once you shipped to Pylos—against my will, so secret,out for news of your dear father."
  • Telemachus told Penelope the entire story of his trip. How he saw Nestor and Menelaus. He told her that Odysseus was last heard of trapped on an island.
  • "Filthy!"
  • "Shameless beggar!"
  • The "stranger" joined the feast and was raked with insults because no one could've imagined that he was the king. Antinous even threw a stool at him. Telemachus was very upset.
  • I am a King
  • "Disgusting beggar who licks the feasters’ plates."
  • Penelope asked to see the "stranger". She was curious about him.
  • "I’d like to give him a warm welcome, ask the man if he’s heard some news about my gallant husband or seen him in the flesh."
  • Odysseus refused to see her now, but said she could ask him questions later.
  • “Old friend—our queen, wise Penelope, summons you,the prince’s mother!"
  • "Tell Penelope now,anxious as she may be, to wait in the halls until the sun goes down."
  • "He tells you to wait here till the sun goes down.It’s better for you, my queen. Then you can talk with the man in private, hear the stranger’s news.”
  • “Didn’t you bring him?"
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