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Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Overproduction - factories
  • I'm sorry we just have to let you go, Its not you its me!
  • why did you overproduce???
  • Overproduction- farms
  • How will we repay or debt to the -tractor co.-seed co-goverment
  • speculation
  • i do not trust banks
  • factories produced too much causing them to layoff workers which added to the people who couldn't buy
  • buying on margin
  • put this astaite on my credit tab!
  • Farms overspent and took out loans to fuel the hunger of the war effort, after the war demand for crops leaving them with making minimal profit
  • Shaky banking
  • People speculate the the fragile foundation of banks creating a distrust in banking
  • trade restrictions
  • THe first credit system, buy now pay later
  • okay this willl deffinitly not backfire
  • once the bank ran out of money tour money was gone forever
  • Firsy come first serve, theyre giving out or moneyyy
  • ristrictions on incoming trade , in response other counties ristricted trade from america