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APUSH Character and Destiny- Kiara Medeiros
Updated: 9/3/2020
APUSH Character and Destiny- Kiara Medeiros
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  • Character and Destiny ~Kiara Medeiros ~
  • Fun fact
  • D. McCullough
  • My Essay
  • McCullough is also a prized American writer, narrator, and teacher.
  • I am your biggest fan McCullough!
  • In my essay. "History and knowing who we are," I write that Character means: rising to the occasion and subduing past shortcomings when needed most. One historical figure who embodies this definition is General Nathanael Greene.
  • MORE
  • Hence, many renowned historical figures were just as human as we are (imperfect), but many managed to overcome such imperfections in times of need.
  • Greene was only slightly educated but amassed a library with over 200 volumes. Relied on textbooks to learn scientific concepts and war objectives
  • I will attend a parade for an armed rebellion against Britain despite my family's wishes!
  • I support the Revolution!
  • Science and military strategy are interesting!
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  • Quakers believe in peaceful confrontation of evil and reconciliation only.
  • I failed to reconcilemy faith.
  • We banish you!
  • Never return
  • Fun fact
  • istoany Human beings are, undoubtedly, imperfect—it is ingrained within our inherentHistorically, humans have proved to be undoubtedly imperfect; it is ingrained within our inherent nature to be so—individuals each possess transgressions, failings, and weaknesses and hold admirable strengths, talents, and proficiencies. Through this universal certainty, this nation's founding fathers crafted the U.S without prior expertise in internal or revolutionary affairs.
  • My limp will not weaken me!
  • Washington -->
  • WOW! Congress are you seeing this?
  • Washington trusts me!
  • George Washington-->
  • My most trusted pal, Please be commander
  • BOOM
  • Historian David McCullough defines this as "character" and indicates that people do not need to be a perfect to personify core American qualities—one must —rise to the occasion and exhibit strength when needed most, despite past shortcomings. General Nathanael Greene is an exemplary representation of this definition.
  • I will not let Washington down!
  • Troops SPLIT!
  • POW
  • During (1773), support for an armed revolution against England intensified within the colonies. Though Greene's combative interests gained stern disapproval from his Pacifists church, he secretly attended a march promoting these radical means and proved to be disgraceful to his covenant (was expelled from his church and shunned by his family).
  • Today his, legacy endures as we now have natural freedoms as a result of the revolution.
  • the After separating from his faith, Greene began his career promisingly becoming the youngest Brigadier general in just one year despite his visible limp. Greene impressed both Congress and dear friend George Washington by using administrative, persuasion, and leadership skills. Washington himself appointed Greene as Commander of the Southern Theater,
  • Fact
  • Was a Kentish private Guard in R.I militia and Commander at the Siege of Boston alongside Washington.
  • Greene proved to be one of three Generals who stayed through the entire war.
  • Greene'sTroops ^
  • At this time, British forces had annexed Georgia and Delaware, and hopes of a Southern victory had diminished. But Greene was determined not to let his nation or Washington down.In this spirit, Greene strategized a plan to divide colonial troops enabling rebels to weaken. Victory followed this approach, eventually isolating British forces out of the South and securing a Revolution victory.
  • Greene was also motivated because he had failed to defend Fort Washington and was determined to regain Washington's trust.
  • MORE
  • Nathanael Greene beautifully represents David McCullough's definition of character. Considering Greene rose to the occasion to exhibit ultimate strength at a time when his country needed it most (securing revolution victory and capturing the South). Greene overcame his weaknesses (physical disability), failures (Fort Washington), and sins (Quakerism).
  • Green is also significatory of many patriotic principles, as he is ambitious, young, and hard-working—each qualities embodied by our forefathers.
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