Updated: 2/15/2020
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  • If thou shalt grant me victory over these enemies… I will believe in thee and be baptized in thy name.
  • The Arabs are disorganized. Now or never -- charge!
  • In regards to the kings of the Franks who no longer possess the royal power: is this state of things proper?
  • At the Battle of Tolbiac, Clovis converted to Christianity out of desperation, afraid that he would lose the battle without God's blessing. Note: Different accounts disagree on when and why he converted.
  • Your Grace, we have now conquered the Lombards as well!
  • Thanks to the strategic brilliance of Charles Martel, the Franks emerged victorious in the Battle of Tours, which they fought against Muslim groups; namely, Arabs and Berbers.
  • Convert or die!
  • As the mayor of the Frankish palace, Pepin the short had de facto, but not de jure, power. However, he was able to convince the Pope and several nobles to help him overthrow the king and start a new dynasty.
  • O Honorable king, which of your sons shall be your heir?
  • All of them.
  • Charlemagne was a powerful ruler who controlled much of Western Europe, including the areas that today are France, Germany, and northern Italy. This scene occurs after his conquest of the Lombards, an Italian kingdom.
  • Charlemagne forced the peoples he conquered, who were mostly pagan, to convert to Christianity or face death.
  • Upon his death, Louis the Pious had his empire divided among his three sons. This led to three years of civil war after his mostly stable reign.
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