Broken Blade by Cate Charest Hour 3
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Cate Charest Hour 3

Storyboard Text

  • Celeste and Pierre's Family our watching him and the other voyageurs . Pierre chose to become a voyageur because his family needed money and his dad's hand is bleeding and he can't be a voyageur.
  • The first picture is Pierre and his happy voyageur friends getting along at a campfire. The second picture is of the voyageurs on the river. One of the experienced voyageurs put deer skin on Pierre's paddles to help with his blisters.
  • La Londe, the bowman on Pierre's canoe, paddle broke. La Londe decided to go after it. He drowned from slipping on the rocks. That was the result of running the rapids.
  • Since La Londe's death, the awful Beloit was the new bowman of Pierre's canoe. To make it worse Lake Huron had its revenge. Lake Superior was terrible because everyone on the canoe was wet, while still trying to paddle. 
  • Pierre, with punching Beloit first, and his crew mates made it to Grand Portage. Muckwa, the chief met Pierre. Kennewah, Muckwa's daughter, and Pierre picked berries together.
  • Pierre decides to come home for now and winter next year. He is happy to see his family again but, sad to leave his crew mates. Well, he is happy to leave Beloit.