the three types of rocks and there formation
Updated: 1/24/2020
the three types of rocks and there formation
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  • Today we are going to talk about the types of rocks and how they are who knows what a rock cycle is,and how the three rocks are formed?
  • I know what a rock cycle is,a rock cycle is the forming and decomposing of a rock,and the three rocks we learned about in class are Igneous,metamorphic,and sedimentary.
  • Very good Luna now can you describe how those three rocks are formed?
  • I sure can,a metamorphic rock is formed from heat and pressure,and a sedimentary rocks are formed from weathering,compaction,and cementation,and igneous rocks form when magma cools
  • True but don't forget that there are to types of igneous rocks intrusive igneous rocks and extrusive igneous rocks.
  • Oh yeah intrusive igneous rock are formed when magma cools and harden's and extrusive rocks form when lava cools and harden's
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