Urbanization project
Updated: 1/27/2021
Urbanization project

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning my name is Sean and I live in New York. There's been lots of changes like immigration, industrialization, and urbanization.
  • I was a farmer in a rural part of the countryside but with the new urban cities like New York I had to move there because my family needed money.
  • This is my first day in the factories and I had to make textile or cloth. This new machine is helping me so much though it's called a spinning jenny, it spins the cloth for me.
  • My second day wasn't so good, I wasn't getting good at all, I was barely able to buy food for my family.
  • I met a new person at the factories, he was an Irish man and left Ireland because of a potato famine.
  • The factories were horrible the pollution hurts your lungs. They also slave through the work but it was the only job near by.
  • The third day I stayed home because my lungs hurt so much. While I was home i heard of this new invention called a telegraph it was used to contact people over the power lines.
  • I make more money that i've been at at the factories longer but the conditions are bad here. I went to the doctors after work because i had trouble breathing. The doctor said I should stay home for couple days so my lungs can clear up.