Updated: 3/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • a school/education is importent for kids to know new things that they did't know.
  • building/construction helps all goverment have places to help take care of them or buy things to sirvibe with
  • and for punishments it is gonig to years in jail but how many years well it dipens on the crime.
  • crimes/punishment is inportent to give punishment to the person that did the crime why well if people just take free money from the bank it would not be good because the goverment wants credit for giving them money
  • adouption is importent to help childeren that don't have a home gaverment dose this because of the childerens helth and love.
  • animals are inportent to because they need love and care to there like humens but they aren't just because there animals dose't mean that they don't need care as well that is why the goverment made pet care places.
  • traffic laws are