Updated: 5/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • yes sir we are ready to achieve anything.
  • do you two men remember Banquo's misdeeds in our previous conversation. if you do then are you angry and manly enough to take revenge on Banquo
  • very well and remember Fleance must be killed along with my father wait in the castle for my command.
  • I am experiencing heavy despair
  • I too feel discontented and have a mind full of scorpions. Fret not for I have planned a deed of dreadful note so be jovial and kind to Banquo at the feast.
  • run my son to live on and avenge me.
  • lets leave him to be found by Macbeth.
  • Act 3 scene 1: after Macbeth tells his men and Banquo to depart he is eft with a single servant which tells Macbeth he has visitors. Macbeth tells the servant to bring them in. the two visitors are the assassins' that Macbeth hired. he then goes on to tell and remind them about their mission.
  • sorry everyone Macbeth has these visions every now and then.
  • how are you here in my seat didn't you die.
  • Act 3 scene 2: when lady Macbeth feels despair she sends a servant for her husband. when he arrives he comforts her by relating to her and telling her about the plans of "a deed of dreadful note" he had thought of.
  • we will summon "visions" upon Macbeths arrival tomorrow. they shall fill him with false security.
  • you shouldn't have meddled in the business of Macbeth without consulting me
  • Act 3 scene 3: the two assassins acquire a third to help in their mission. they achieved their goal but let Banquo's son get away. they leave the body to be found by Macbeth later on.
  • agreed that tyrant Macbeth was probably the one who did it.
  • Malcom has gone to England's king to plead for aid in telling the people of the tyrants wrongdoing.
  • the kingdom is in shambles with Banquo's and Duncan's death.
  • Act 3 scene 4: when Macbeth gets to the entrance to the feast hall he learns that fleance escaped. Macbeth goes to sit at the head of the table but finds Banquo's ghost there he then starts talking to it. Lady Macbeth then has to cover for him saying that he has visions.
  • Act 3 scene 5: when the witches meat Hecate she scolds them for not consulting her first when they do business with Macbeth. she then goes on to announce her self as the new witch of mischief and tells the other witches of her plan for Macbeth when he arrives tomorrow.
  • we shall go prep our charms then.
  • Act 3 scene 6: Lennox and another lord walk and talk about the news of what is happening in the kingdom. they discuss what to do and end up talking about Malcom and Macduff going to England's king to plead for help in spreading the news about Macbeth killing Banquo and Duncan.