Reunifying China
Updated: 1/17/2020
Reunifying China
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  • The Han dynasty's fall
  • we will rebel against for your corruption
  • Oh no!
  • Three kingdoms The Rise of Tang dynasty
  • After, the power of the empire was divided between warlords. and was divided into three.
  • The Rise of Tang dynasty
  • Victory!
  • The Han dynasty failed because of its government corruption. The emperor Xiandi was overthrown by his people. There was a great rebellion broke out in the empire, lead by Li yuan.
  • Tang dynasty inventions
  • After the rebellion, the power is being divided into three kingdoms Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han. overall there was very little cultural development during this time. But the Chinese didn't lose any of their knowledge.
  • The Song dynasty
  • Li Yuan won the rebellion and emperor Xiandi was forced to give up the throne. By 621, Li Yuan had taken control of eastern China. By 624, he held most of the country, with only a few groups of rebels remaining in the north.
  • Song dynasty inventions
  • Tang dynasty invented many great inventions and trade routes. For example, the expansion of trade through the Silk Road led to cultural exchanges that stretched through much of Eurasia. And also the Grand canal to improve in travel and trade.
  • The Song dynasty was founded by inspector general Taizu
  • The Song dynasty invented paper money, gunpowder, and many more that supported its citizens and kingdom a lot.
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