my favorite parts By :Taliyah Mobley
Updated: 2/8/2021
my favorite parts By :Taliyah Mobley

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Restart by Gordan Kormqn

Storyboard Text

  • Where am I why am I in a hospital
  • welcome back chase how do you feel
  • He's awake get the doctor they said he'll never
  • I never seen you a day in my life my mother is -
  • Amnisa
  • Chase honey its me mom .
  • Well I see a little girl
  • Chase fell off the roof and he is in the hospital because he lost his memory .
  • who's halene ?
  • Are they close ?
  • is it halene ?
  • Our half sister dads daughter .
  • Chase wakes up and is wondering why he is in the hospital and who are these people
  • well keep thinking about her she can probally can help u heal .
  • and you can go home also he has to take a break on football and other things .
  • Chase dosen't know his mom what school he go to or friends also why he even jumped off the roof he don't know his older brother either
  • You ready to get back on he field champ .
  • Welcome home chase
  • Chase sees a little girl in a blue dress with blonde hair in a garden and he doesn't know who she is or where he saw here or does he know her .
  • Chase's doctors says he can go home and the girl can probally help him heal and get some more information about the little girl .
  • Chases dad goes to his house to suprise him and his dad is just worried about football and he came with his wife and his daughter chase half sister and chase still don.t know whats going to but the wife and sister and dad don't like him for some reason .
  • he doctor said he has to take a break and why are you here I told you not to use you key no more