Part 1
Updated: 3/18/2020
Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • I went to a study group and today we talked about tings related to Imperialism.
  • What did yall talk about? I have never heard of any of this.
  • Uhhh...No?
  • What? You heavnt heard of any type of Racism or Menelik II?? What abput Florence Nightengale?
  • Or The sepoy mutiny? Which is a rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldier against the British in India? or that a seopy is an Indian soldier serving under British command
  • Racisim is the belief that one race is superior to others and Menelik II is the Emperor of Ethiopia
  • The florence nightengale was a movment during the Crimean war that allowed women ot be army nurses
  • Did you know about the Suez Canal? and how its a man made waterway connecting the Red sea to the medeteranian sea?
  • ..?
  • Well did you know the British-controlled portions of India during 1757-1947 was called Raj?
  • You havnt heard about King Mongkut? and how he modernized Siam with his son? Do you know the leader of Filipino nationalist?
  • No? well how about the pacific rim? the lands that border the Pacific Ocean-especially those in Asia?
  • I'm clueless..
  • Thats alright. . and it was Emilio Aguinaldo
  • Byeee
  • Anyways...I'll stop throwing these facts at you..Laterrr