ELA Homework
Updated: 2/3/2020
ELA Homework
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  • Leo usually didn't find History interesting, but today Mrs. Martinez was talking about the famous Egyptian sculpture artifact of Nefertiti, a sculpture about this beautiful woman. This sparked an idea in Leo's head. There's no such thing as a perfect human but no one ever said anything about a perfect sculpture. This was a perfect for his art assignment from Professor McGonagall, which was due Tuesday.
  • Leo later that day got to work. As soon as he got out of school, he go to work on his sculpture. While he worked Leo thought about what he wanted his perfect woman to be like. He thought of what were his values in a woman. The day he would present was going to be Valentine's Day, which was the day he's been asking Cupid to help him conquest Emily's heart. He'd been praying to Cupid to help him out since he was all about love. Emily was in his class and she would see the sculpture.
  • That Tuesday, Leo presented his sculpture to his class and explained where his idea came from. He explained the qualities he thinks a woman should have. The kind speech a woman should have, and the work woman can do. He also explained he did it with love, which made it enjoyable for him and if he could find a girl like this in the world he wouldn't hesitate to date and later marry.
  • After school, Emily went to catch up with Leo and asked him if he wanted to go watch a movie with her later that night. He and Emily never really talked until now, but even if Leo was confuse he agreed the would meet up there at seven. This was the girl he wanted to make his girlfriend, so it was nice that he was going to get to know her.
  • They both settled for a romantic movie. Once they were seated, Emily congratulated Leo over his sculpture. She told him she really liked the way he described his sculpture and his thinking over how a woman should be. Leo felt like this was his chance to confess his feelings to Emily. When Leo spilled his guts to Emily, she said she felt the same way. He then asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend and she accepted.
  • Leo and Emily's love for each other lasted since then. They went on more dates and got to know each other more. Leo soon proposed to Emily once they graduated from college and each had a decent job to start their family. Leo celebrates valentine's day to his belief in Cupid helping him out to get with Emily. Leo and Emily lived their life together through the ups and downs in life. They got through life together.
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