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Updated: 1/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • two wierd people keep on cyber bulling me through email. can you please help me
  • what wrong? sure i will talk to them .
  • hahahahahahhaha
  • oh im going to say hes a bad person
  • uhhhhhh
  • nothin
  • what are you guys lauging about?
  • we were making fun ofthis kid wanna join
  • no i dont wanna join i was just talking to him and he wants you guys to st
  • me too
  • now i feel bad
  • now we know not to do that because we did not know what that feels like sorry bro
  • bro i now feel bad for what we did we are really sorry
  • ok i will forgive both of you but please dont do it again not to me and not to anyone