Updated: 2/11/2021

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  • Slavery
  • I am going to move to the new land
  • this is hard!
  • you are going to work for me for 7 years.
  • People decided to move to America because they wanted a new chance. Others had been there before and were offering free land.
  • $
  • NO!!!
  • When they got there they started to farm tobacco. It was hard to do and they needed help. They started with indentured servants.
  • you will work for me for the rest of your life!
  • Indentured servants worked for a certain amount of time before they were set free. It was hard work for the indentured servants!
  • I guess me and my family are am stuck hereforever
  • But the owners of the plantations decided they needed more people to do the work. They started shipping slaves from Africa to come and work for them.
  • But the slaves from africa had to work for their whole lives with no pay. So did their children. It was very hard and sad.
  • Slavery continued for a long time just so greedy people did not have to do work. And it all started when people decided to grow tobacco in America.