Monkey's Paw
Updated: 12/20/2019
Monkey's Paw
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  • Part I
  • This is dangerous I should throw this paw into the fire.
  • NOOOO!
  • Part II
  • Hello, I'm from Maw and Meggins, I'm sorry to report this but your son Herbert has died in our machinery. He did a lot of work for us so we are giving you 200 pounds for your compensation
  • Do not open that door mother! You do not know what lies behind.
  • Part III
  • In this scene, Sergeant-Major Morris (left) and Mr. White (right) are having a conversation about a monkey's paw that Morris mentioned to be magical. However, he explains how this paw has consequences when anyone uses it to make a wish. So, he throws it into the fire, and Mr. White leaps to grab and take it out. This is the most important scene of Part I because this is when he acquires the mysterious paw. Likewise, Mr. White had courage to take it out of the fire even when Morris explained how dangerous it can be. This helps build suspense of what he will wish for with the paw and the consequences that follow.
  • In this scene, the well-dressed man outside their gate is giving the Whites bad news about their son Herbert. He explains how he was caught in the machinery at work. Then, he gives them 200 pounds as compensation. This helps the plot of the story because the readers can infer that if Mr. White recieved 200 pounds, then he killed his son.
  • In this scene, the mother is standing behind the door waiting to open the door to what should be her dead son behind. Mr. White doesn't want her to open the door because he doesn't want her to see how mutilated he has become. This part builds suspense because the readers infer that it is Herbert and they want to see how horrible he has become.
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