Black History
Updated: 2/27/2020
Black History

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School L.A.

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  • The freedom talk
  • Freedom is a great thing, it is like...
  • The bus
  • Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to get off this bus.
  • The anwser
  • I refuse to get off the bus, sir.
  • You may do that, sir.
  • Ma'am, if you don't get off the bus, I will have to call the police.
  • Rosa parks talks to a group of teenagers about freedom.
  • The arrest
  • Ma'am, you are under arrest for refusing to get off the bus.
  • Rosa parks gets on a montgomery bus and pays, but the bus driver asks her to get off of the bus.
  • The offer
  • I accept your offer, E.D. Nixon.
  • Rosa parks refuses to get off the bus that she was riding in.
  • The boycott
  • Rosa parks is arrested for not getting off the bus that she was on.
  • Rosa arks is offered to lead a Montgomery bus boycott. She accepts the offer.
  • Rosa Louise Parks, I offer you to lead a boycott against Montgomery buses.
  • People who were for the boycott went up from door to door and told people about the boycott.
  • Hello young sir, I'm here to tell you about the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
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