La Relacion

Updated: 9/12/2020
La Relacion

Storyboard Text

  • La Relacion
  • By Dalton Goorskey
  • As the thought to be dead men crashed onto the shore, the jolt brought them to life. They scrambled for food and fresh water.
  • As the three scouts returned, three Indians followed them and sat on the shore with the rest of the men. Soon after one hundred more Indians would show up, although in the end they end up making peace.
  • The End
  • When the Indians returned that morning they were scared and confused because they did not recognize the Spaniards after the wreck. After some sign and hand signals, the Indians realized who it was and helped them back to the village.
  • The Indians stopped feeding the Spaniards until they would agree to be healers. They would have to heal their way.