English Proyect
Updated: 1/27/2021
English Proyect

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Storyboard Text

  • Lia and Mark met in the children garden, since that they are best friends. With the pass of time, Mark caught feelings for Lia.
  • There was a kingdom called Asfargand. After the king's death, a little prince called Felix was the heir of all.
  • Felix decides to cross the portal finding a magical place with many doors in it, hekept chasing the person inside one of the doors.
  • Felix starts looking for him, but instead he meets a beautiful girl and a boy. Liawas surprised to see the king as he was very attractive, while Mark was jealousof the attention the king received from Lia.
  • At the moment that Matthew is about to kill Felix, Lia distracts him, causing himto try to kill her. But Mark manages to save the girl, ending up very hurt.
  • After Mark recovered and as time passed, both guys fell in love and they all lived happily ever after.