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Li_Period_1 Persian War Story Board
Updated: 2/16/2019
Li_Period_1 Persian War Story Board
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  • Nice choice! He's only 5$.
  • Greece Before the War
  • Chatter Chatter
  • Chatter Chatter
  • Oooh, I would like to get the one to the far right please.
  • Persian Empire Expands
  • Ah yes, Greece. We must conquer it!
  • Sir!
  • Ionians revolt
  • Young messenger, you must get help from Greece to free us.
  • Will do sir
  • Greece was a collection of independent functioning city states.
  • Battle of marathon
  • Destroy the Greeks! Conquer their lands!
  • The Persian empire sets out to conquer the whole region and only Greece stood in its way.
  • Battle of Thermopylae
  • Onward men!
  • Charge!!!
  • Ionian citizens attempt to get rid of their Persian rulers. They ask the Greek city-states for help. The Persian ruler Darius is not amused. He wants to punish the Greek people for helping.
  • Battle of Salamis
  • Impossible!
  • The Persian invades Greece by both land and sea. greeks attack and won! A greek sets off running for Athen to share the news. This victory gave Greece lots of confidence.
  • Yes, your highness.
  • 300 Spartans head off the Persian army on a small strip of land called Thermopylae for the rest of Greece to prepare.
  • Raaaaah!
  • Oof!
  • (clink)
  • Raaah!
  • aah! my leg!
  • stomp em down!
  • The greeks trick the Persians to sail into a narrow pass between a island and athens. The Persian ships are too large and the greeks in the lighter, faster ships defeated them. Xerxes retreats back to asia and the persian war was over.
  • They tricked us!
  • Aaa-hahah
  • we're doomed
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