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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I got him right where I want him I'm going to get paid.
  • Cam I take a look at my patient Coyotito?
  • Your patient? Yes he is right in here.
  • Wait a minute...
  • He is not looking to well I'm glad I came.
  • I'm going to give him some medicine.
  • Ok, thank you please do whatever you can to help Coyoito.
  • How is he looking doctor I hope he is doing good.
  • "Oh no I hope Coyotito is gonna be ok".
  • The baby is going to get sick fast I have to be ready.
  • I finally got him, I'm getting closer and closer to the getting my check for saving Coyotito.
  • Ok be back as soon as possible.
  • The doctor came by and said Coyotito need treatment and gave him some medicine.
  • Go get the doctor before it's to late!.
  • Coyoyiyo looks worse than before, what happend?
  • "Look theirs the doctor".
  • No Coyotito needs help fast!!.
  • Is everything ok? We heard you guys and we are concerned.
  • He should be ok now I gave him my best medicine.