Ancient Olympic history
Updated: 3/3/2021
Ancient Olympic history

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  • In Ancient Greece, those who were qualified were able to participate in Olympic games
  • The Olympic games were a series of games and events made to honor the gods.
  • Those who won were treatedWith great respect when they returned to home, everyone felt safer with a Olympic champion living in their town
  • Everyone wanted to be the next hero of their town
  • The games are made to honor Zeus more specifically and he fought his father on the top of mount Olympus, which is where the games take place.
  • They participated in all sorts of events such as races with and without armor, forms of wrestling and boxing, long jumping, discuss throwing (made from iron), javelin, and chariot races
  • The Olympic games were very treasured and important in Greek culture, they brought city states together and even prevented war.
  • All and all, It's safe to say that the Olympic games were extremely beneficial to Ancient Greek Society